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Issue 172 - November 2018

Issue 172 - November 2018

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Andrew Gallacher and Jane Nicol grace the cover in their Ford Focus WRC this month after the newly crowned Scottish Champions continued their success by winning the Wales Rally GB National Rally...
Also inside, we take a closer look at Nigel Roche's stunning new Honda Civic screamer. With over 230bhp on tap, this is Roche's first rally car...and what a way to start rallying!
Terry Harryman reveals when he got back into the 'hot seat' after his massive accident with Ari Vatanen in Argentina. Both Ari and Terry were lucky to survive such a huge fact, Terry reveals that Ari had been in a life threatening situation "more than once", yet they both went rallying again. That's dedication!
Martin Holmes interviews former team manager, Stuart Turner, who was a guest at the recent Rallyday show in Castle Combe. Speaking of Rallyday, we've got a selection of photos from not only the Castle Combe show but also the San Marino based Rally Legend extravaganza.
Mini driver, Phil Harris, gives us a rundown on his escapades at the Tour de Corse Historic Rally and Sara McFadden tells us about her route to becoming Ireland's first visually impaired female navigator.
Mark Lowe returned to sample the delights of the Jersey Rally and we have interviews with Jade Paveley, Gary McNamee and Tom Magnay.
There's lots more inside too so don't miss out! Order print and digital versions online at or call 028 4066 0390.