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Issue 156 - June 2017

Issue 156 - June 2017

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Ernie Graham's ultimate historic specification BMW M3 adorns the cover of the June edition of Pacenotes Rally Magazine. We take a closer look at this 'beaming beauty' and find out what makes it tick...
Regular columnists Sammy Hamill, Mike Nicholson, Martin Holmes and Kevin O'Driscoll are back too. Sammy takes a look at why Brian and Liz Patterson, who are renowned for their rally bulletin services, are potentially closing up shop, while Mike shares more interesting stories from his past experiences as a co-driver and team manager.
Meanwhile, Martin Holmes recalls some interesting times in Donegal and in a separate feature, he gives us an insight into the World Rally Championship with his WRC Wrap Up.
Kevin O'Driscoll's 'Retro' feature looks back at the 1982 British Rally Championship and competitors 'In the Spotlight' this month include Hugh Hunter, David Condell, Philip Allen and James Wilson.
We also have a full complement of rally reports from across the UK and Ireland plus lots more so don't miss out! Order print and digital versions online at or call 028 4066 0390.
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